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Secrets: Find unknown about white flour that will surprise you!

Secrets: Find unknown about white flour that will surprise you!: "UNKNOWN THINGS ABOUT WHITE FLOUR THAT WILL SURPRISE YOU!


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An article by Razvan

Have you ever asked the question why the insects they find in old flour bag are dead? I think you'll find the answer in what follows .....

Worldwide standard diet is the main cause of many chronic conditions, which can culminate in cases of mortality. Nutrition today casualties and white flour used in different preparations, do not deny it!

In 1910, the Federal Court of the District of Missouri said 000 white flour can not be consumed by humans. But unfortunately, according to HW Wiley, the first chef from the Food and Drugs Administration, the law "was abolished due to the political influence of the millers 'and' since then has not been reported in the AAM danger." If treated in Wiley's book entitled ,, History of a crime against the law for healthy food. "

Nowadays, flour is made from corn treated with fungicides, pesticides and insecticides, from the sowing of wheat and packaging to finished product. Since 1910 till now, over 60 have been approved chemicals to whiten flour.

Five things unknown about white flour, which will take you by surprise!

1. Do not contain nutrients

Producers of white flour removes first of seeds of wheat bran, ie the sixth outer layer and 76% of germs that contain vitamins and minerals. 97% of the fibers are scattered. The same thing happens with vitamin E, with 50% of calcium, 70% of phosphorus, iron, magnesium and B vitamins with

2. Contains potassium bromate

After the foregoing, flour undergoes a bleaching process using chlorine dioxide and conservation. Then add lime, alum and ammonium carbonate to make it look as attractive to consumers. In the final stage of processing, flour is treated with an agent antisarare called monounsaturated sorbitan. Along with this harmful agent, add another one called potassium bromate - a powerful oxidant that causes cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer as a carcinogen bromate ranked in Group 2B. 

3. It is a natural insecticide

Did you know that if an insect enters the bag with flour and begin to eat, you die? White flour is a natural insecticide that is lethal effect on insects that they eat.

4. It contains L-cysteine

L-cysteine ​​is an essential amino acid, which is found usually in the composition of most pastries, serving to accelerate the processing industries. Also, pizza, biscuits, pasta and fast food buns contain this ingredient.

Although it can be produced in the laboratory, l-cysteine ​​is used in bakery products obtained by inexpensive methods that include extracting them from animal feathers, horns, cow, human hair and petroleum products. Disgusting, is not it? Most cysteine ​​it is Chinese origin.

5. favors the onset of diabetes

White flour contains alloxan. This substance provides a look fluffy and airy bread. According to studies, aloxan destroy the beta cells of the pancreas. These effects are so harmful substance that herbal medicine called "beta cell toxin possible." Despite the reported toxicity aloxan, the substance has not yet been banned. The good news is that aloxan action can be reversed by vitamin E. According to a survey of physicians conducted laboratory guinea pigs, vitamin E protect the body from the harmful effects of administration of alloxan.

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