Friday, November 18, 2016

PayPal Seller Protection for Merchants – PayPal US

PayPal Seller Protection for Merchants – PayPal US:

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Why can't I link my credit or debit card to my PayPal account?

If you've tried to link your credit or debit card to your PayPal account, but received an error message, it may be because:

The billing address you've entered for your PayPal account is different than the one on your card statement.
What to do: Check your card statement to ensure both addresses match. If you are sure you've entered the information correctly, please call the card company to find out what they have on file. Sometimes, after a recent move, the information may take longer to be updated.
A card can only be linked to one PayPal account at a time.
What to do: If you already have a card linked, remove this card from your account, then link the new one.
Your card company did not accept the $1.00 authorization sent by PayPal when you attempted to add the card.
What to do: Call your card company to find out why they are rejecting the authorization from PayPal. After they resolve the issue, try adding your card again.
You linked your card to your PayPal account, but entered the card security code (CSC) incorrectly 3 times.
What to do: Call us. We can help you finish linking your card. We may ask you to provide some additional information.
To see a video about adding a card to your PayPal account, click here.
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You're covered
When transactions need only a login and password, you don’t expose bank details or card numbers. It’s an added layer of protection for your financial information.
24/7 Monitoring
We monitor transactions 24/7. So rest easy — even when you let your guard down, we won’t.
Secure Technology
Our encryption helps keep your online transactions heavily guarded from start to finish.
Merchant fraud prevention
Contact us if you or your employees notice anything suspicious so we may help you prevent merchant fraudulent transactions. We'll never ask for sensitive information in an email.
Dispute resolution
If there’s a problem with a transaction, we’ll put a hold on the funds until the issue is resolved. We investigate and stay involved every step of the way.
Global transactions
Buy or sell around the globe. We process and convert 25 currencies from 202 countries to make sending, spending, and selling simple and secure.
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