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MILK THISTLE CURES 30 Diseases; Take DailyAfter 50 of Age

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n article by Mihaela Iliescu

Milk thistle is one of the most powerful natural remedies against liver damage, explosion are in the last decade.

Moreover, milk thistle is a powerful anti-toxic, helping the body to withstand the most powerful poisons from toxic mushrooms, to industrial gases and heavy metals.

Milk thistle is a plant exclusively culture. Sometime in our country, cultivate large areas, in warmer areas such as Dobrogea, Oltenia, southern Moldova, and Subcarpatii Southern, being obtained even a sort Romanian original, called "Prahova", rich in silymarin, the main substance activate this wonderful plant.

Nowadays, cultivate only small areas, by private producers.

Plafaruri seeds are found in natural products stores or in the form of tea, powdered or prepared as a tincture.

Careful! Before buying or tea prepared with milk thistle, check shelf life, because of its active principles are very sensitive and powerful degrades over time.

This is why preparation is very delicate and, as we shall see.


It is (as therapists) set the less inspired to use milk thistle, because the flavonoids in its composition powerful degrade in contact with boiling water.

The powder

It is obtained by grinding the seeds, then make sifting through a sieve.

Ideally, biochemists say, to grind powder 5-10 minutes prior to administration so that oxidation of the active ingredients to be minimized. If you find it difficult process powder milk thistle then keep in a tightly closed jar, cold and dark, but no more than 4-5 days.

Take a teaspoon of powder four times a day on an empty stomach. It put under the tongue for 10-15 minutes, then swallow with water.


It is the ideal form of administration, that this preparation can be stored for a long time (up to two years), without losing its therapeutic qualities.

Here's how to prepare: put in a jar twenty tablespoons of powdered milk thistle seeds, cover with Alcohol 50 degrees, stirring constantly. When the entire table was covered powder, remaining above a layer of alcohol two fingers, close the jar tightly and let content to soak for 14 days, then strain.

The extract obtained is put in small bottles, dark, and stored for up to two years. It manages a teaspoon, four times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

combined infusion

Cold extraction combine with the heat, helping to conserve active principles.

Prepared as follows: one, two teaspoons of powdered milk thistle seeds and let it soak in a half cup of water from evening until morning, when filter; macerate set aside, and the powder remaining scald with half a cup of hot water for 20 minutes and let it cool; combine the two extracts; drink preparation with a quarter of an hour before meals. Dose: three cups a day.


Three tablespoons of finely ground seeds of milk thistle mixed with warm water to form a paste to be applied externally to the affected area. Bind over a clean gauze, so poultice being maintained for a minimum of two to three hours.

Diseases that use milk thistle seeds

Biliary dyskinesia, cholelithiasis. Is a mixture of tincture of milk thistle and artichoke tincture, in equal proportions. Take a teaspoon of this mixture four times a day 30 minutes before meals.

It has a powerful stimulating effect on the production of bile , promotes its release, prevents the accumulation of gallstones gallbladder and reduces inflammatory states. The treatment is recommended in case of dyspepsia or digestion difficult.

Hepatitis A, B and C. Flavonoids from milk thistle seeds composition favors regeneration of liver cells, and especially increase the body's ability to defend liver infections.

At first, take the form of infusion combined (since recommended a consistent fluid intake) a half liter a day for three weeks. Then a break for 15 days, after which milk thistle is administered in powder form, it should take one teaspoon four times a day.

Jaundice, liver failure - contained thistle silibinin prevent the accumulation of toxins in the liver, promotes liver cell activity, stimulates the elimination of toxic compounds.

It manages daily pint of milk thistle combined infusion in cycles of two weeks with a week break.

Toxic mushroom poisoning. It is eaten in abundance for 10 days combined infusion of thistle (at least one liter per day), which supports the work of the liver and directly neutralizes the action of toxic fungi (especially amanitin and Phalloidin).

Methanol poisoning with carbon tetrachloride, heavy metals (lead, mercury), with drugs that attacks the liver. Administered for a week a half liter per day of combined infusion.

It is a very useful adjunct to protect internal organs and nervous system.

Alcoholism. They should undergo the treatment for three weeks, two weeks of rest, with combined infusion of thistle, which is drink a liter a day. Milk thistle does not reduce alcohol addicted, but help restore liver (tried hard, in fact) and, importantly, supports nerve activity, even helping to regain normal reflexes and coordination, prfin reduce limb tremors, for example.

external applications

Psoriasis. Apply once a day, a poultice powder milk thistle seeds on the affected area. Additionally, there is an internal treatment with milk thistle seeds, as a tincture, four teaspoons per day for detoxification.

Adjuvant skin cancer. Once every two days, put poultice powder to the affected area. Additionally, there is an internal treatment for detoxification.

Dozens of studies, some completed, others in progress, shows that the seeds of this plant are a formidable enemy of cancer.

They are recommended both healthy people for prevention, and those already ill, to be able to combat and mitigate the adverse effects on the body.

To prevent cancer, make every change of season a cure thistle, consuming four teaspoons of tincture daily for three weeks.

This herb activates the immune system, neutralize free radicals and rejuvenates the body.

Studies in populations of the Mediterranean and Central Asia, where this plant is consumed traditionally shows that cancer incidence is almost three times lower in those who frequently consume milk thistle.

The seeds of milk thistle are known among the few remedies that have proven effective in combating the terrible side effects of cytostatics.

A liter of milk thistle combined infusion, eaten for 20 days, said the activity of the liver, immune system and prevent neurological symptoms caused by the administration of cytostatics.

Prostate cancer and the liver are two forms in which was verified clinically favorable action of silymarin or milk thistle seed (a complex of active ingredients secreted by the plant).

Take a teaspoon of powdered seeds four times a day, in the course of 15 days, 10 days of rest.

Cirrhosis. Fribrozarea and helps prevent liver regeneration. It takes the form of a powder, a teaspoon breed four times a day, in the course of 21 days with 15 days of rest.

Other forms of cancer , it is studied the therapeutic action of milk thistle are: lung, breast and ovarian cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer.

Studies to date have found no harmful side effects when administering milk thistle, either by internal or external about.

Rarely, high doses can cause diarrhea, in which case it will diminish or discontinue use.

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