Thursday, November 24, 2016

LISTING ON EMPOWR: continuation; My Coach

My Coach:

'via Blog this'The item must have tangible value.
A set of steak knives does, a virtual hug does not.
A package of 100 hairpins does, Three loose hairpins do not.

Fill out the name of the product in Title Case, capitalizing the first letter of each word.
Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker
Keurig single cup coffee maker

Photo must be of the item you are selling.
Do not show the picture of a sexy girl in a bikini when you are selling steak knives or a coffee maker. Try to avoid copying images from Amazon or anyplace that has an affiliate marketing program. How will the listing moderators know that you possess the product?
Phone camera photos are acceptable

Tell what the buyer will receive if they win the auction. Tell what you are selling in a full sentence. Tell what the features are. Tell how to use it. Sell it to an ultimate buyer not to the person who is bidding to close the loop with someone. Example

"This is a standard sized leather briefcase with brass closing mechanisms and a built-in combination lock. It is lined in suede, has three partitions and is roomy enough to carry a 19" laptop. It's lightweight, 18 oz, elegant and sure to make you the envy of the office."

This description makes it impossible for someone to think you are selling a blog about briefcases or pictures of briefcases. It also does the job of selling for a sponsor.

* Please include "Size" in your listing description of wearable items.
* Please include "Dimensions," (Length x Width x Height) in your listing description for objects.
* Please include "Volume," "Weight" or "Number of Items" in your description of items that can be used up.
* Please include "Date of Expiration" in your listing description of food items.

Could you get back to me with the three most important things from the list below that you want to accomplish with listings?

Then we can create your personal listing strategy.

Get a Larger AMCO
Get Rid of Stuff I Don't Use
Increase My Earnings
Build My Fan Base
Hit My Daily Goals
Increase the Cash I Can Spend in the Market Place
Have lots of Sponsors Selling for Me
Level Up Faster
Pay Down My Platform Fees
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