Thursday, November 24, 2016


My Coach:

'via Blog this' Hello Olga,

Please follow these listing guidelines.

The team at empowr is striving to make our Marketplace the most profitable platform for sellers to offer quality goods and services and for buyers to have a fair and transparent opportunity to purchase high-value merchandise. Accomplishing this means that sellers need to list what they offer in a complete and honest way that eliminates any possibility of misunderstanding or dispute, with a buyer whose first language may not be the same as theirs.

The goals for these Listing Guidelines are:
1. Get it Approved
2. Make it Attractive for Bidders
3. Make it Easy for Buyers
4. Make it Successful for Sponsors
5. Make it Profitable

This screenshot will give you the basics

Recipes, Pictures, E-Books, Blogs, Downloadable media, or services of any kind, no longer count for meeting your daily listing goals.
Recipes, Pictures, E-Books, Blogs, Downloadable media, can only be listed as Premium Blogs.

Premium Blogs do not count for your daily listing goal.

The items you list must NOT violate empowr marketplace guidelines.
Here is a short list
1 - Items sold through affiliate programs, this includes Amazon, Clickbank, and other CPC 3rd party companies.
2- You cannot sell your empowr account.
3- You cannot sell clicks for empowr accounts.
4- You cannot sell account creation services.
5- You cannot sell adult dating services or sexually oriented businesses.
6- You cannot sell gift cards or phone cards on empowr.

Here is a complete list of items forbidden for sale that includes several reasons a listing moderator MUST REJECT a listing ==>

Do not include email, phone numbers, websites or any contact information anywhere in your listing.

If the item you are listing has to be packaged and shipped, it will count as a product. (Music and video downloads don't count, CDs and DVDs do)
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