Thursday, November 10, 2016

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'via Blog this'Hart Lavin is what I imagined the perfect attorney to be: youngish, smart, able to explain complex issues efficiently and compassionately.

He certainly solved my problems quickly to postpone the preliminary hearing so that the bail-bonds person who he recommended could save me from a second night in jail (the first night there was no pillow and no blanket to protect my spinal problems)--they worked for four-hours by cell to get me released and back on my meds, and as the bond's person drove me home at 11pm, she put me touch directly in touch with Hart and with my husband on the car phone to discuss matters! (What other lawyer would be so courteous! Hart is on the job 24-hours daily).

Hart immediately told me that he would represent me in court and that I need not have to attend interminable, depressing hearings--thank goodness that he suggested
that I supply him with the different types of information he needed to be able to argue successfully on my behalf in court. He knows how to "personalize" issues in court to take into heath problems.

Hart's fees are reasonable because he takes payments, which helped me greatly. (Another courtesy, his suggestion-- no questions asked and no interest payments).

In my view, We in Los Angeles are very lucky to have Hart Levin in our side.
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