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Secrets: FOOD AND WORST HABITS OF LEADING TO thyroid problems from:

statistics issued by the World Thyroid Association shows that over 12% of the global adult population risk getting sick at a time of thyroid disease. Thyroid disorders represent serious disease that affects the body's health and quality of life of patients, including influencing sleep quality, mood, metabolism and memory. 

Fortunately, thyroid disease can be effectively managed by diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some habits and food harmful to the health of the thyroid gland: Excessive stress A study published in the Journal of Research neurobehavioral warns that, due to a thyroid disease existing, stress can cause memory loss serious and long term. This effect is due the fact that stress suppresses thyroid hormone production, which is already affected gland disorders.Therefore, it is important to take measures to reduce daily stress . Smoking According to a 1995 study, smoking increases the severity of thyroid problems mainly due to cyanide in cigarette smoke. This destabilizes thyroid function by poisonous substance that inhibits the synthesis of thyroid hormones which form links with specific receptors. The damage this destabilization are felt especially in the liver. Since it is not easy to let yourself simply by smoking, try to replace gradually the habit of eating the leaves of stevia , an herb that helps to reduce the intensity of appetite cigarette. the consumption of soy Everyone should we stop consuming soy , and the more people with thyroid disorders. According to Dr. Mercola, soy contains a number of substances that negatively affect the functioning of the thyroid gland. Through these include and substances goitrogenic, which prevents the synthesis of hormones and metabolism of iodine. Excess cruciferous vegetables raw A study undertaken by the University of Oregon found that overeating with some vegetables such as cabbage and turnips Turkish affect thyroid function in people with iodine deficiency. Everything is because these vegetables contain glucosinolates, which, once ingested, are converted into goitrina, a chemical compound that affects the secretion of thyroid hormones. Failure to comply with medical advice Remember that thyroid disorders are serious illnesses that can bedevil the functioning of the whole body.It is therefore important that patients take the disease seriously and be disciplined in terms of taking the treatment as prescribed. 

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