Thursday, November 17, 2016

CHANGES TO U.S. Bank - Customer Dashboard

U.S. Bank - Customer Dashboard:

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Single Sign-On for your Brokerage and Ascent/PCR/PCG Accounts
Your eligible Brokerage and Ascent/PCR/PCG Accounts will be automatically associated with your online profile and you
may access information on your Brokerage and Ascent/PCR/PCG Accounts using the same log-in credentials at, U.S. Bancorp Investments Online, or U.S. Bank Trust and Investments Online. You may also use the same
login credentials to access your accounts on the U.S. Bank mobile app, the U.S. Bancorp Investments mobile app, or the
U.S. Bank Trust and Investments mobile app.
Additional Limitation for Account Alerts
Some Account Alerts may be automatically suppressed if we receive notice that you have filed for bankruptcy or if you have
otherwise instructed us to cease and desist communication with you in relation to collection efforts on your account(s).
Section Heading Modifications
We have renamed and modified the layout of some sections to make navigating the document easier and more efficient.
As a result of these enhancements, the Online and Mobile Financial Services Agreement has been updated. These
updates will go into effect on November 18, 2016. The information contained in this notice is a summary of the changes
and is not a replacement for the actual terms. You are responsible for reviewing the revised agreement in its entirety. As of
the effective date, you can view the revised Online and Mobile Financial Services Agreement in Online Banking by selecting
“Legal Agreements” from the bottom right menu, or in the U.S. Bank Mobile app by selecting “About the App” from the main
menu, then “Policies and Agreements.”
Your continued use of Online We have improved the way we list transactions for certain credit card, loan and lease accounts to make it easier to understand your financial picture at a glance

On the Pay a U.S. Bank Account page (under Make a Payment in the Transfers & Payments menu), you will find a new Manage My Payments tab. Here, your payments are now listed in four distinct categories: Scheduled AutoPay Payments, Other Scheduled Payments, Pending Payments, and Past Payments.

For scheduled payments, we have added quick links to let you Edit or Cancel these transactions directly from the Pay a U.S. Bank Account page.

Similarly, in your Account Activity list for each account, you will now see Pending Transactions (those that are currently in process but have not yet posted to your account) listed first, followed by a separate listing of Completed Transactions.

Thank you for being a U.S. Bank customer. We hope you enjoy these latest enhancements to U.S. Bank Online! 212.
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