Sunday, November 06, 2016

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1Add to Portfolio Jun Z$219,368$1,675,351
2Add to Portfolio Imad Nissan$207,156$1,394,435
3Add to Portfolio Miskolczi Erika$193,904$1,431,143
4Add to Portfolio Diana Mitroi$191,845$1,209,653
5Add to Portfolio Illi Mai$163,670$843,550
6Add to Portfolio Glenn Byers$121,843$404,911
7Add to Portfolio Darryl Thomas$104,549$1,013,617
8Add to Portfolio Lana Ferra$91,915$380,687
9Add to Portfolio Oh Henray$85,775$880,059
10Add to Portfolio Lance Gregg$84,992$507,004
11Add to Portfolio Hessam Bakhshi$80,676$568,398
12Add to Portfolio Athal Kumar Hm$80,179$550,341
13Add to Portfolio Katherine .$69,893$369,503
14Add to Portfolio Kevin Dupree$54,509$579,101
15Add to Portfolio !! Robert C$53,190$79,025
16Add to Portfolio Kelly Baker$51,264$182,302
17Add to Portfolio Jo Byers$50,855$163,922
18Add to Portfolio Randy and Riza Paul$50,074$364,381
19Add to Portfolio Will S$48,814$100,980
20Add to Portfolio Frankie (Gaining Momentum)$42,673$392,764
21Add to Portfolio Raja Qasim Ali$42,618$148,496
22Add to Portfolio Byron Clark$39,015$163,192
23Add to Portfolio Aisha Ch$38,438$214,050
24Add to Portfolio Stanley C.$38,210$265,688
25Add to Portfolio Eddie Phillips$38,187$145,194
26Add to Portfolio Fiore Nero$37,546$156,548
27Add to Portfolio Meliha Colic$36,801$280,468
28Add to Portfolio Shazia Ch$35,129$126,968
29Add to Portfolio Lena R$33,179$114,232
30Add to Portfolio Beatrice C.$32,489$66,901
31Add to Portfolio Curtis Lewis$31,565$190,014
32Add to Portfolio Silvio Mendiandua$30,322$104,130
33Add to Portfolio Richard Burger$29,868$148,802
34Add to Portfolio Edward Swierk$28,851$118,057
35Add to Portfolio James Ravenscroft$28,198$101,190
36Add to Portfolio Tasneem Butt$28,055$117,109
37Add to Portfolio Johanne Grizzle$27,678$107,077
38Add to Portfolio Donna Lotts$27,320$101,898
39Add to Portfolio Lori Mooney-Taylor$27,296$97,935
40Add to Portfolio Dennis Essman$26,885$368,160
41Add to Portfolio Karen C$26,838$128,405
42Add to Portfolio Jim Heller$26,687$146,680
43Add to Portfolio David Darwish$26,218$125,780
44Add to Portfolio Wollf Tergus$26,091$257,371
45Add to Portfolio Deah$25,171$87,632
46Add to Portfolio Jeannette Leduc$24,984$69,802
47Add to Portfolio Greg Yau$24,851$91,107
48Add to Portfolio Boy Julito$24,276$106,634
49Add to Portfolio Sheryl Chaney$23,486$97,943
50Add to Portfolio Sylvia Spence$22,843$172,475
51Add to Portfolio Just Jeff$22,183$810,897
52Add to Portfolio Larry Oshima$21,325$87,254
53Add to Portfolio Yves Johnson$21,286$94,953
54Add to Portfolio Kevin Cook$21,099$114,038
55Add to Portfolio Sheryl Woodard$21,005$56,406
56Add to Portfolio Jeffrey Eastman$20,733$90,483
57Add to Portfolio Velma Bro$19,917$67,680
58Add to Portfolio Stephon Carter$19,869$76,589
59Add to Portfolio Skrilla Scrooge$19,482$65,861
60Add to Portfolio Jean H$19,085$47,630
61Add to Portfolio Edward Gawronski$19,064$79,269
62Add to Portfolio Sue L$18,896$81,249
63Add to Portfolio Positive Energy$18,645$72,209
64Add to Portfolio Sandra Bibler$18,603$60,371
65Add to Portfolio Fran Jones$18,557$67,346
66Add to Portfolio Mike Laruba$18,451$59,563
67Add to Portfolio Barbara C$18,186$75,793
68Add to Portfolio Norma Bautista$18,116$61,426
69Add to Portfolio Adam Smith$18,012$85,266
70Add to Portfolio Rada Rogers$17,678$131,300
71Add to Portfolio Cheryl Mckee$17,513$75,135
72Add to Portfolio Allen Blankenship$17,048$78,975
73Add to Portfolio Doug Eide$16,892$38,181
74Add to Portfolio Frederick$16,838$68,185
75Add to Portfolio Lee Cavin$16,660$218,805
76Add to Portfolio Tom Feeney$16,427$52,550
77Add to Portfolio EGGZandjaKEY$16,186$52,863
78Add to Portfolio Daniel T. Van Asperen$15,667$51,377
79Add to Portfolio Ak Tv & Film Productions$15,597$59,448
80Add to Portfolio Wes Singleton$15,585$44,780
81Add to Portfolio Alinfk$15,517$67,856
82Add to Portfolio Abdirahman Hassan$15,465$42,476
83Add to Portfolio David Carroll$15,393$48,971
84Add to Portfolio Michael Lemon$15,378$56,877
85Add to Portfolio Cynthia Snyder$15,249$57,390
86Add to Portfolio Samantha Kwan$15,182$64,538
87Add to Portfolio Ann Whealton$15,114$55,991
88Add to Portfolio John Hofmann$15,097$46,383
89Add to Portfolio Jackie Harper Shamblin$14,992$82,764
90Add to Portfolio Marsha Sortino$14,977$72,691
91Add to Portfolio Marta H$14,929$56,644
92Add to Portfolio Keith Rhodes$14,888$71,148
93Add to Portfolio Bizybabs$14,766$50,659
94Add to Portfolio Musicman$14,711$59,360
95Add to Portfolio Donald Shickle$14,596$52,229
96Add to Portfolio Ken Dorough$14,519$36,451
97Add to Portfolio James Alfonso Robinson$14,476$58,154
98Add to Portfolio Jeremy Cockerham$14,097$56,473
99Add to Portfolio Leandro Mendoza$13,892$49,590
100Add to Portfolio Arla Mendenhall Welcome Fans$13,744$67,679

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