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ISBN Assignment Results for Civil Society Versus the Negative Heritage of World Statism Since 1989: Mexico and Romania in the Era of Globalization


You have assigned an ISBN to your book Civil Society Versus the Negative Heritage of World Statism Since 1989: Mexico and Romania in the Era of Globalization.

ISBN: 9781370631780

Title: Civil Society Versus the Negative Heritage of World Statism Since 1989: Mexico and Romania in the Era of Globalization

Author: Dr. Olga Lazin

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

Smashwords ISBN Manager

Assign ISBNs to Your Ebooks

(Read instructions to learn about ISBNs, then scroll to bottom of page to assign)

What's an ISBN?

An ISBN is a unique identifier associated with your ebook. Associated with your ISBN is all the metadata attached to your book, such as your title, your price, your author name, and much more.

What are the benefits of an ISBN?

Smashwords sales channels such as Kobo, Apple, BT, Overdrive, Flipkart, GoodReads, and Oyster will not accept your Smashwords book unless you have a unique ISBN. This is the #1 reason to attach an ISBN to your Smashwords book.  It helps you maximize your distribution.  And because it's a unique digital identifier, it helps Smashwords and its channel partners track and catalog your books, and report your sales back to Smashwords.  The ISBN may provide limited additional marketing and discovery benefit as well. The ISBN gains your book free inclusion in Books in Print, the world's largest catalog of books, which is licensed to all major search engines and thousands of bookstores and libraries. Your ISBN record will also receive a free online listing at the online Books in Print bibliographic database that's available on the open Web at  They do not connote ownership or copyright.

Can I use the same ISBN for my Smashwords ebook as my print book?

No!  Per ISBN best practices, your print book must have a different ISBN than your ebook.   If you use the same ISBN for both, it will prevent some retailers and libraries from accepting your book, and it will cause you lost sales.  You should never use the free Smashwords-issued ISBN on a print book.

Do I need a different ISBN for each of my different ebook formats?

According to ISBN best practices, each sellable format of your book should have a unique ISBN.  This means your Amazon book (which is in Amazon's proprietary .mobi or KF8 format) which you upload to Amazon should have a different ISBN than your Smashwords book.  The ISBN you provide Smashwords will be attached to the .epub version of your book.   You do not need a different ISBN for each of the formats at Smashwords(PDF, epub, mobi, txt, html, etc) because epub is the only version we distribute to retailers.  We accept a single ISBN only, and we attach that to the .epub version.

If I choose the free Smashwords ISBN, does this mean Smashwords is my legal publisher?

No.  Smashwords is your distributor and you are your publisher.  However, because our free ISBNs were issued to Smashwords in large blocks, Bowker will list Smashwords as the publisher in the Bowker record.  THIS DOES NOT MAKE Smashwords your publisher, nor does this designation in the Bowker record limit your rights, ownership and control over the book.  It simply means that Smashwords provided you the ISBN, and Smashwords helped you produce, publish and distribute your book.

Does Smashwords care if I use my own ISBN or the free Smashwords ISBN?

No.  It's completely up to you.  All we care about is that the ISBN you provide us is unique, accurate and has never been used elsewhere.  One advantage of the Smashwords ISBN is that it will always be unique and accurate.  It's automatically assigned at a click of the button below so there's no possibility of error.

Do all Smashwords Retailers Require an ISBN?

No. Other Smashwords retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Page Foundry, and Scribd, don't require ISBNs, though they appreciate ISBNs because ISBNs are the world standard for tracking, discovering and cataloging books. It can also make it easier for retailers to properly associate your ebooks with your print books.  At Smashwords, we believe in giving you, the author/publisher, as much control over your publishing experience as possible. We do not force you to use ISBNs. It's your choice. We're offering ISBNs because they're required by Kobo, Apple, BT, Overdrive, Flipkart, GoodReads, and Oyster. Since we've made our ISBNs free as a service benefit for Smashwords authors, there's no reason not have an ISBN.

YOUR TWO OPTIONS (Choose one for your book)

1. You supply your own ISBN - This must be a unique ISBN, one that has never been used previously for any other print or ebook edition. If you only have an old unused 10-digit ISBN, click here.
NOTE:  If you supply us your own ISBN, it is your responsibility to register this ISBN with your country's ISBN registrar (If you choose one of the Smashwords options below, we handle this for you). Canadian authors - ISBNs are free to you at

2. FREE ISBN - The best ISBN option.  This option is available to books before (or after) they have been accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catalog.  Select this option to receive a FREE ISBN (Smashwords pays for the ISBN as a service to you). This FREE ISBN is available to all Smashwords authors and publishers, anywhere in the world. The ISBN will register Smashwords as your publisher in the Bowker record and will list you as the author. The designation of Smashwords as the "publisher" in the Bowker record (a result of their limited categorization options), in no way makes Smashwords your legal publisher. Per the Smashwords Terms of Service, which is our contract with you, we consider you the publisher. The Bowker ISBN record has no legal bearing over ownership of your book or copyright.
NOTE: A book needs to be published in our system before it can be assigned an ISBN.


Bowker and the International ISBN agency recommend you only assign one ISBN per ebook format.  Since we only distribute the EPUB format to ebook retailers, we will designate the ISBN above as an EPUB ISBN. 

Click "Assign ISBN" below to get started. After you assign an ISBN to a book, you will receive an email confirmation.  After we "ship" your ISBN to retailers, it cannot be changed.

REMINDER: The ISBN you attach below CANNOT be the same ISBN you use for your print version or another ebook version.  

ISBN Source
ISBN Assigned
U.S. Model for Philanthropy: NAFTA and The European Union ComparedDr. Olga Lazin (olgalazin)N/A2011-03-319781458170040Free ISBN2011-04-08
North American Free Trade Agreement and the European Union comparedDr. Olga Lazin (olgalazin)N/A2011-03-319781458010261Free ISBN2011-04-08
NAFTA and The European Union ComparedDr. Olga Lazin (olgalazin)N/A2011-03-319781370968312Free ISBN2016-10-27
NAFTA and The European Union ComparedDr. Olga Lazin (olgalazin)N/A2011-03-319781458004192Free ISBN2011-04-08
George Soros: Robber Barron or PhilanthropistDr. Olga Lazin (olgalazin)N/A2011-04-109781458076489Free ISBN2011-04-11
Civil Society Versus the Negative Heritage of World Statism Since 1989: Mexico and Romania in the Era of GlobalizationDr. Olga Lazin (olgalazin)N/A2011-05-179781370631780Free ISBN2016-10-27

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