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What is Bipolar Depression | Latuda® (lurasidone HCl) HOW TO

What is Bipolar Depression | Latuda® (lurasidone HCl): DISHARMONIC;

About Bipolar Depression

What is Bipolar Depression?

Bipolar depression refers to the "lows," or depressive phase, of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Depression is Different from Other Forms of Depression

There are many forms of depression. Unlike unipolar depressionbipolar depression is part of a larger condition known as bipolar disorder. Knowing what form you have is important because there are different treatment options for different types of depression. Be sure to ask your doctorabout how these options work differently to treat unipolar versus bipolar depression.

Understanding the Larger Condition, Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder—the larger condition that includes bipolar depression—is a lifelong, or chronic, illness. It’s a condition that affects the brain in a way that can cause extreme mood swings that vary in length. People with bipolar disorder can go from mania (the “highs”)—feeling euphoric or revved up and irritable—to depression (the “lows”)—feeling down or hopeless. These highs and lows are called “episodes.”

Take a Look at Differences between Bipolar Disorder and Unipolar Depression




Answer a simple questionnaire to help your doctor understand your symptoms and work toward an accurate diagnosis.

What is bipolar depression?

To understand bipolar depression, you first have to understand bipolar disorder. The National Institute of Mental Health defines bipolar disorder as a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels and the ability to carry out daily tasks.

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