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Wallonia reject the ultimatum given by the EU to sign free trade agreement CETA - International -


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Wallonia reject the ultimatum given by the EU to sign free trade agreement CETA

by Alina Neagu
Sunday, October 23, 2016 10:11 p.m. News | International

European Union
European Union
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Wallonia rejected Sunday evening the ultimatum imposed by the European Union for signing a free trade agreement with Canada (CETA), declaring himself "disappointed" by the new proposal by the European Commission, said a representative of Prime Minister Paul Magnette. Prime Minister of Wallonia considers that such ultimatum "is not compatible with the democratic process," says spokesman, told AFP.

"We have received a document disappointing and, in parallel, we are given an ultimatum. It is very surprising. This makes us ask questions about the purpose, "said the source.

the European Union on Sunday gave the Belgian federal government a deadline by which to support the EU agreement of trade - Canada. So Belgium should convince until Monday evening Walloon Region to accept the agreement, otherwise summit scheduled for signing CETA will be canceled.

European Council President Donald Tusk speaks with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel on Monday night, so Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can decide whether to fly to Brussels to sign the agreement, expected Thursday.

if Michel she can not assure Tusk that Belgium will be able to leave the EU to sign agreement CETA summit on Thursday the EU -Canada will be delayed and will not be Sabil a new date, although neither the EU nor Canada are not willing to give up the FTA, negotiated for several years.

negotiations EU - Canada agreement on free Instead CETA nearly to a halt Friday after the European Council in Brussels has not reached an agreement with representatives of the Belgian region of Wallonia.

Recall that Ottawa conditional lifting of visa requirements for Romanian and Bulgarian economic CETA agreement is signed. President Klaus Johannis said on Friday evening, the plane that returned to Romania from Brussels after the announcement of the breakdown of negotiations related to the agreement CETA, negotiations with the Canadian side to lifting visa requirements will continue independently of the fate of the free trade agreement with Canada. Klaus Johannis announced Friday morning in Brussels that it has signed an agreement with Canada to lift visa: total elimination of visas from December 1, 2017 if the EU sign trade agreement CETA.

All 28 EU governments support the free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada (CETA), but Belgium can not give an opinion clearly without the support of all administratiilr sub-federal and region French-speaking Wallonia strongly opposed.

the failure to conclude an agreement with a country like Canada would call questioned the EU's ability to negotiate other agreements with countries like the US or Japan, and could undermine the bloc, already plagued by vote Great Britain to leave the EU and disputes caused by the crisis immigrants.

the European Commission has given since last Tuesday a Belgium ultimatum to endorse until Friday at the European summit treaty, whose signing is provided on October 27 in Brussels, in this premier Canadian Justin Trudeau.
  • Wallonia, a region with 3.6 million inhabitants, only one in Europe which opposes the treaty

Wallonia, a region with 3.6 million inhabitants, is the only one in Europe which opposes the treaty. Prime Minister Paul Magnette complains that the Commission did not take sufficiently into account the "major difficulties" of the Walloon population until the beginning of October. "We're talking about treaties that concern the lives of 500 million Europeans, 35 million Canadians for years and years. So, it's not urgent," he argued.

He admitted however that intensive talks in recent days allowed the obtaining of "real advances" insufficient but, in his opinion.

among the positive aspects he noted that EU Member States can, according to the latest versions of the text, continue to "legislate" in areas such as social and environmental without risking pay for the multinationals might feel harmed by these rules.

Magnette cited but several passages which, according to him, are still unacceptable, as "an arbitration mechanism" that do not offer enough guarantees, " safeguard clause "that protects farmers Canadians but not their European counterparts in case of distortion of the market or the possibility for American companies that have operations in Canada to take advantage of the Treaty to benefit from the advantages provided in Ceta.

" It is the famous Trojan Horse " , claimed this using the terminology used by opponents of TTIP, trade treaty being negotiated with Washington.

Apart from Wallonia, only Romania and Bulgaria have conditioned the signing of this treaty, demanding the abolition of visas requested by Canada for their citizens, but the two countries had reached an agreement with Ottawa on Friday morning.

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