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Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016 - The Olga Lazin Daily Analysis of Mental Health News

Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016 - The Olga Lazin Daily Analysis of Mental Health News:

The Olga Lazin Daily Analysis of Mental Health News

How To Boost Your Brain And Memory Daily

How Will Future Scholars Reflect on the Books Defining Our Era? - What will literary historians think in two hundred years when they read the books that defined our era? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are a...

LyricFind Founder and CEO Darryl Ballantyne talks about bringing the lyrics of music to all languages in the world – the AU review

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LyricFind - While in Singapore for the conference Music Matters, Larry Heath sat down with one of the event’s speakers, Darryl Ballantyne, the Toronto based Founder and CEO of LyricFind, “The World’s Largest L...

Click here to support Multilingual Book Drive for Children in Need

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aliceheiman - It takes a pencil to write a story, a book to open minds, and a small donation to make a difference. At Avantpage, we believe that when we invest in helping young children read the entire community...

“The Mentor” lost in translation? - Being “The Mentor” set in London, you would think it is written in British English, but it is not. The reason is quite simple. I’m Italian, so the original version of the novel (“Il mentore”), publ...

An Interview with Lee and Nogi Aholima

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Tim Jones - Lee – Thankyou. The poetry in the books were written from the period 1993 to 2008. I started out posting the poems from Penina he magafaoa on the Niue Global Community mailing list and then someone...

Dr Olga Lazin- Andrei

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We’ve Stopped Translating Children’s Books Into English. Where Will We Get the Next Tintin? - This is a story about Moomins. I just love Moomins. I always have. But perhaps you have no clue what I’m talking about? Moomins were important in my childhood, but I know that many people grew up w...
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Kodansha International's Bilingual Books Series - Most of you are probably familiar with the Japanese publisher Kodansha. Probably, not as many know about their former English language publishing house Kodansha 

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