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Traian Băsescu security officer, for 3 Countries;

Dutch secret service to clue Basescu. Incredible detail | cooked them :


Dutch secret service to clue THAT Basescu was a 3 FOLD Agent

Sorin Rosca Stanescu argues the editorial That year former President Traian Basescu WAS clue and it confirms that he was part of the Soviet secret service KGB
Sorin Rosca Stanescu argued this in his column published on Good News:
"The inevitable happened. Everything I've written and said about Traian Basescu confirmed. From the official sources. Dutch secret service to clue. The former president of Romania was, in turn, the Securitate snitch, then intelligence officer of the Foreign Intelligence Directorate and ended exactly as I wrote for years by being recruited in Antwerp, by Soviet espionage. Since 2004, he served Americans. What a while, they rewarded. And today left him in the hand.
Why this comes just officially unveiled the secret archives of the Netherlands? For the simple reason that the division of labor in NATO counter-states, during which Traian Basescu was on a mission to Antwerp as head of the Agency Navrom, Netherlands responded supervision of agents from countries in Eastern Europe, including Romania.
Part of the archive in The Hague were declassified. If Traian Basescu, with the declassification occurred long ago, when, in order to visit the royal family of Belgium in Romania, was up a report in respect of the former head of the Romanian state.
According to the report, Traian Basescu became an officer DIE specialized in transport arms and military intelligence, in a document signed since 1973 by Nicolae Ceausescu that bosses missions Navrom abroad would become automatically - of course, after a adequate training - the Romanian state undercover officers specialized in military intelligence and arms trafficking.
When he arrived Navrom head of the agency, Traian Basescu arrived in this capacity, and the network was run by his friend Silvian Ionescu. Who recently gave in and expose. There was a general of the former KGB watched yet today, Albert Ignatenko, who, in the 80s, act in the Benelux countries and, primarily, in the Netherlands, a key state for its facilities port and an international platform trafficking armamet, but and diamonds.
Traian Basescu worked, so for a while under the dual command under the command of Silvian Ionescu to DIE, and under the command of Albert Ignatenko KGB. There, in Antwerp, he met, befriended and worked closely with Major Soviet Viktor Bout, and he covered KGB officer, he specialized in military intelligence and arms trafficking.
Meanwhile, Traian Basescu became transport minister and then president of Romania, maintaining close ties with Viktor Bout who, during the same period by 90 until a few years ago when he was captured by the Americans, become the largest arms dealer in the world. Not coincidentally, he inspired a cinematographic work "King of Weapons," in which the main role played by Nicolas Cage.
In the Hague  archives, declassified now,Traian Basescu occupy a place of honor, this character being dedicated to him dozens and dozens of reports. They had access to those reports, as was natural, in partnership with NATO and the Americans.
Since 2004, they, in turn, have used Traian Basescu. Today, sweat documents from the simple fact that nobody needs Basescu to Western intelligence services, came the day of reckoning. What would happen? A very simple thing.
If what they say in intelligence reports Dutch, who today is a partner of the secret services in Romania is real, then it follows as a traitor to the Romanian state was, for years, in important leadership positions of the state, including in the tallest of them. And treason must be prosecuted, tried and punished as such, even if the traitor, in theatrically, kissing in tears tricolor when separated from Cotroceni Palace, "wrote journalist.
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