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The Nightmare of “Toxic Menopause” is worsened by Big Pharma ESTROGEN PATCH & TESTOSTERONE PILL - - Gmail

The New Nightmare of “Toxic Menopause” is worsened by Big Pharma ESTROGEN PATCH & TESTOSTERONE PILL - - Gmail:

HOW TO HANDLE MENOPAUSE: You Will Have the Information You Need to Heal And to Take Back Your Life Again

With this information, you won’t have to listen to any more doctors downplaying your concerns. And you certainly won’t have to accept another HRT prescription.
Because as it goes with HRT, you might feel better, but it will only be for a while. These fake hormones just add to your xenoestrogen load. It’s like adding lighter fluid to a burning fire.
And there’s no doubt… xenoestrogens change everything about your body and how it works.
Xenoestrogens cause your body to store more fat and retain fluids. You suffer from weight gain and bloating, as a result.
They change your metabolism, making it harder to break down sugars and fats. This can lead to diabetes – and of course – more weight gain.
Xenoestrogens overpower your natural estrogen and attach to your cells. These cells can then become “toxic” to your body. So your body attacks them. This can cause allergies, asthma, or sinus congestion. Even worse, it can lead to autoimmune diseases, such as chronic fatigue, lupus or arthritis.
Xenoestrogens can change the zinc and copper levels in your brain. This can lead to mood swings and depression.
They deplete magnesium, which you need to relax and prevent anxiety.
Xenoestrogens destroy B vitamins, which you need for almost everything your body does. When you’re low on B and B-complex vitamins you often experience non-stop fatigue, fuzzy memory, hair loss, and overall “aging”.
Xenoestrogens also cause fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, and uterine fibroids.
And this hormone imbalance often leads to loss of interest in sex… which can hurt just as much as the physical effects I just described.
Do these symptoms look familiar? Chances are… you experience at least some now.
Yet these symptoms can lead to much worse… such as gallbladder disease, infertility, osteoporosis, heart disease, uterine or breast cancer.
Breast cancer alone is a devastating epidemic. In 1960, 1 in 30 American women suffered from breast cancer…
…today that number is 1 in 9.
It’s now the most common cause of death in women between the ages of 35 to 54. 6
And countless studies show that most cases of breast cancer are NOT genetic. At least 80% of breast cancer is caused by too much estrogen. 7
You see… natural estrogen is different. Your body doesn’t allow natural estrogen to hang around. It quickly converts your natural estrogen to the friendly, non-cancerous form called estradiol. Then, your body gets rid of it.
But you can’t do this with xenoestrogens. These toxins build up in your body. And they cause your cells to divide and mutate.
This is why studies have proven, again and again, that HRT increases your risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attack, depression, weight gain and cancer.
I do NOT want you to go through this. You don’t have to use HRT to ease your uncomfortable symptoms. And you can reduce your chances of facing deadly diseases like cancer – and do it naturally.
For example, one herb I often recommend contains natural isoflavones. Now isoflavones actually mimic estrogen, but in a much weaker form. As weaker estrogens, they block receptor sites on your cells so xenoestrogens can't attach. They also don't build up in your body like xenoestrogens do.
In other words… you get the benefits of estrogen, but your body removes it quickly, as nature intended.
This nutrient is so effective; one pharmaceutical company actually modified it years ago. Modifying it allowed them to patent it as a hormone drug.
I’m not surprised they did this — because this herb works. In one study alone, the 109 women who took this nutrient had their anxiety reduced by 76% and depression reduced by 78.3%.
This is why I want to get this report in your hands as soon as possible.
Because with information like this, you can heal your body – even in today’s toxic, high-estrogen environment. And the best part is… you don’t have to visit your doctor, get a prescription or spend a lot of money.
There is far too much to tell you in this letter, but…
I’ll give you full details in my new free report…
How to End Modern ‘Toxic Menopause’ Symptoms and Take Control of Your Life Again

I want you to have as many options as possible to restore your natural balance – and to ease your toxic menopause symptoms.
In this special report, you’ll see the shocking reasons why HRT became the standard menopause treatment – in spite of studies that show how dangerous it is. The story of how this treatment came to be so widely accepted is appalling. And you, along with every woman, deserve to know how this has compromised your health.
We’ll also explore in detail…
• How a diet you probably think is healthy is actually hurting your health

• The many surprising ways you’re exposed to xenoestrogens and other dangerous toxins

• How stress further upsets your hormone balance

• How xenoestrogens cause toxic menopause symptoms — even for women who should be years away from menopause!
More importantly… you’ll find solutions to help you feel betterincluding…
• 9 natural and simple methods to ‘sweep’ xenoestrogens and other toxins out of your body

• 3 nutrients that help balance your hormones, and ease your worst toxic menopause symptoms

• Small changes you can make to your diet to reduce xenoestrogens – and to even lose weight

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