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The New Nightmare of “Toxic Menopause”: PROGESTERONE - Estrogen BALANCE

The New Nightmare of “Toxic Menopause”: From Dr Sears:

The Invisible Assault on Your Body
Women in remote areas of the world — young and old — have much lower estrogen levels than women in the U.S.
But why? 
For one thing, processed, carb-heavy diets are a big problem. Eating this kind of food can raise estrogen levels sky high.
Another reason is lack of exercise. Studies prove your estrogen levels drop if you’re active. 2
But if poor diet and lack of exercise were the only causes of too much estrogen, anyone who eats healthy and gets regular exercise should be fine.
But this is NOT the case.
Unfortunately, there’s a third, more sinister reason…
We are surrounded by chemicals in our modern life today. This is why women in less developed countries have lower estrogen levels. They aren’t exposed to chemicals every day like you are.
Now, chemicals are supposed to make our lives easier. But they cause horrible side effects. And some of the worst effects are caused by the FAKE estrogens that so many chemicals contain. These fake estrogens have become so common, they now have a name: Xenoestrogens.
Mainstream science is just starting to realize how dangerous xenoestrogens are — even though study after study continues to prove their danger.
Unfortunately, these studies are swept under the rug by chemical producers — and big drug companies.
And the government agencies that should protect us — the FDA and EPA — allow this danger to continue. Plus, many doctors — often unknowingly — make things worse by giving women MORE fake estrogens through HRT prescriptions.
I completely understand if you’re feeling worried right now.
But as I’ve mentioned, there ARE solutions. There are ways to protect yourself AND heal your body. And you deserve to have this information.
This is why I’ve outlined both the problem and the solutions in my new special report. And I want to get a copy in your hands as soon as possible because…
We Are Living — and Dying —
With the Consequences
Xenoestrogens are so similar to your natural hormones; your cells accept them as natural estrogen. But the two are definitely NOT the same.
For one thing, xenoestrogens don’t break down, so they build up in your body. They attach to your cells, especially in estrogen-sensitive areas like your breasts and uterus.
Over time… your body’s natural hormone loop gets overwhelmed. This is why you experience dripping hot flashes, mood swings, fuzzy memory, weight gain, and a host of toxic menopause symptoms.
But there is a second, even more dangerous consequence.
Xenoestrogens are harsh and MUCH stronger than your natural estrogen. As a result, they cause your cells to divide at a much greater rate.
This runaway cell division increases your chance of developing fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis, or worse… breast and uterine cancer.
Your body was simply not designed for this onslaught of xenoestrogens. And they are everywhere…
You’re eating xenoestrogens…
Most commercially raised chicken and beef are pumped with growth hormones. Every time you take a bite of meat or drink some milk, you’re eating or drinking xenoestrogens. And fruits and vegetables can be just as bad. Unless they’re organic, they are full of pesticides. And this puts more xenoestrogens on your plate. In fact, some experts estimate the average American eats over 1 pound of pesticides a year.
You’re drinking xenoestrogens…
Disposable plastic water bottles are made with xenoestrogen chemicals, such as BPA. These chemicals leach into the water you drink. Even water supply pipes can be lined with BPA. And around 50 million Americans drink water from wells that are full of pesticides 3 and xenoestrogens.
You’re bathing in fake estrogen… and rubbing it into your skin…
Most shampoos, soaps, deodorants, perfumes, moisturizers, make-up, hairsprays, nail polishes and even toothpastes are loaded with xenoestrogens. Every time you use these products, xenoestrogens soak into your skin and your bloodstream.
Your doctor is giving you xenoestrogens…
Birth control and most HRT prescriptions are fake forms of estrogen and progesterone. And these fake hormones are eventually flushed down the toilet. But as I mentioned, xenoestrogens don’t break down. And modern water treatment plants are not designed to remove them from water. As a result, they end up in wildlife and back in our drinking water.
It’s outrageous!
It’s outrageous that chemical companies are allowed to make these deadly toxins. That drug companies keep pushing HRT when it makes matters worse. And that so few doctors realize how important it is to remove xenoestrogens from your body.
But there’s no doubt… these monsters are in you right now.
For example, the Centers for Disease Control found BPA in 93% of urine samples from Americans age 6 or older. And that was 12 years ago. The use of BPA has exploded since then.
And when researchers in England studied samples from women with breast cancer, they found that 99% had the chemical preservative, paraben, in their blood. If you haven’t heard of parabens, they’re found in nearly every mainstream cosmetic product: lotion, soap… you name it.
I could go on with study after study. But the most important thing is to…
Get These Toxins OUT of Your Body
Most doctors will never tell you how important it is to detoxify. In fact, many will tell you that detoxifying is pure “nonsense.”
I completely disagree. 
Removing toxins is like giving your body a spring cleaning. When your body doesn’t have to focus on xenoestrogens, it can deal with other issues…
…like balancing your hormones and keeping you healthy.
This is why I always recommend simple detox methods to my patients. They’re so easy; you can do them at home.
One of my favorite methods provides three benefits. First, it sweeps dangerous xenoestrogens out of your body. Second, it encourages your natural, beneficial estrogen to form. And if that wasn’t enough, it has an enzyme that increases your sensitivity to insulin.
In other words, it helps your body to stop storing fat!
Another nutrient I recommend also removes xenoestrogens. But it goes a step further.
Studies show this nutrient works as well as prescription antidepressants, but with far fewer side effects. 4 So it can be a lifesaver if depression is one of your toxic menopause symptoms.
Both of these nutrients are easy to find and easy to take. They don’t require a prescription, and they’re all natural.
Unfortunately, this is why you won’t hear about these options from your doctor. But I believe it’s critical that you know about these detoxifiers. So, I’ve included this information in my special report – which I want you to have today.
You see, here’s another reason for my urgency…
We Face 15,000 New Toxic Chemicals Every Day
It’s a mind-blowing number… but sadly… very true.
The Chemical Abstracts Service – a database for new chemicals – had more than 111 million “chemical substances” when I wrote this letter.
111 million!
And approximately 15,000 chemicals are added EVERY DAY. In 2014, more chemicals were added to the database than between the years of 1965 to 1990 combined. 5
This is why I want to get you the information you need to protect yourself and your family… because one thing is certain: our government won’t do it for you.
There are a lot of reasons why the government fails when it comes to protecting you from toxins.
Ineffective methods for testing chemicals are one reason.
Regulations that focus on companies making money, rather than your health, are another.
And politicians whose major concern is keeping chemical plants going is still another.
I can’t get into all the details here. But I will give you this information in my special report. That way, you can see why this chemical onslaught is happening. And more importantly, what you can do to protect yourself from it.
You Will Have the Information You Need to Heal —And to Take Back Your Life Again
With this information, you won’t have to listen to any more doctors downplaying your concerns. And you certainly won’t have to accept another HRT prescription.
Because as it goes with HRT, you might feel better, but it will only be for a while. These fake hormones just add to your xenoestrogen load. It’s like adding lighter fluid to a burning fire.
And there’s no doubt… xenoestrogens change everything about your body and how it works.
Xenoestrogens cause your body to store more fat and retain fluids. You suffer from weight gain and bloating, as a result.
They change your metabolism, making it harder to break down sugars and fats. This can lead to diabetes – and of course – more weight gain.
Xenoestrogens overpower your natural estrogen and attach to your cells. These cells can then become “toxic” to your body. So your body attacks them. This can cause allergies, asthma, or sinus congestion. Even worse, it can lead to autoimmune diseases, such as chronic fatigue, lupus or arthritis.
Xenoestrogens can change the zinc and copper levels in your brain. This can lead to mood swings and depression.
They deplete magnesium, which you need to relax and prevent anxiety.
Xenoestrogens destroy B vitamins, which you need for almost everything your body does. When you’re low on B and B-complex vitamins you often experience non-stop fatigue, fuzzy memory, hair loss, and overall “aging”.
Xenoestrogens also cause fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, and uterine fibroids.
And this hormone imbalance often leads to loss of interest in sex… which can hurt just as much as the physical effects I just described.
Do these symptoms look familiar? Chances are… you experience at least some now.
Yet these symptoms can lead to much worse… such as gallbladder disease, infertility, osteoporosis, heart disease, uterine or breast cancer.
Breast cancer alone is a devastating epidemic. In 1960, 1 in 30 American women suffered from breast cancer…
…today that number is 1 in 9.
It’s now the most common cause of death in women between the ages of 35 to 54. 6
And countless studies show that most cases of breast cancer are NOT genetic. At least 80% of breast cancer is caused by too much estrogen. 7
You see… natural estrogen is different. Your body doesn’t allow natural estrogen to hang around. It quickly converts your natural estrogen to the friendly, non-cancerous form called estradiol. Then, your body gets rid of it.
But you can’t do this with xenoestrogens. These toxins build up in your body. And they cause your cells to divide and mutate.
This is why studies have proven, again and again, that HRT increases your risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attack, depression, weight gain and cancer.
I do NOT want you to go through this. You don’t have to use HRT to ease your uncomfortable symptoms. And you can reduce your chances of facing deadly diseases like cancer – and do it naturally.
For example, one herb I often recommend contains natural isoflavones. Now isoflavones actually mimic estrogen, but in a much weaker form. As weaker estrogens, they block receptor sites on your cells so xenoestrogens can't attach. They also don't build up in your body like xenoestrogens do.
In other words… you get the benefits of estrogen, but your body removes it quickly, as nature intended.
This nutrient is so effective; one pharmaceutical company actually modified it years ago. Modifying it allowed them to patent it as a hormone drug.
I’m not surprised they did this — because this herb works. In one study alone, the 109 women who took this nutrient had their anxiety reduced by 76% and depression reduced by 78.3%.
This is why I want to get this report in your hands as soon as possible.
Because with information like this, you can heal your body – even in today’s toxic, high-estrogen environment. And the best part is… you don’t have to visit your doctor, get a prescription or spend a lot of money.
There is far too much to tell you in this letter, but…
I’ll give you full details in my new free report…
How to End Modern ‘Toxic Menopause’ Symptoms and Take Control of Your Life Again

I want you to have as many options as possible to restore your natural balance – and to ease your toxic menopause symptoms.
In this special report, you’ll see the shocking reasons why HRT became the standard menopause treatment – in spite of studies that show how dangerous it is. The story of how this treatment came to be so widely accepted is appalling. And you, along with every woman, deserve to know how this has compromised your health.
We’ll also explore in detail…
• How a diet you probably think is healthy is actually hurting your health

• The many surprising ways you’re exposed to xenoestrogens and other dangerous toxins

• How stress further upsets your hormone balance

• How xenoestrogens cause toxic menopause symptoms — even for women who should be years away from menopause!
More importantly… you’ll find solutions to help you feel betterincluding…
• 9 natural and simple methods to ‘sweep’ xenoestrogens and other toxins out of your body

• 3 nutrients that help balance your hormones, and ease your worst toxic menopause symptoms

• Small changes you can make to your diet to reduce xenoestrogens – and to even lose weight

• 5 critical supplements that not only help you feel stronger and healthier, they can also protect you from cancer

• Easy ways to reduce your xenoestrogen exposure that will protect you AND your family
With this report, you will understand why toxic menopause exists in the first place. More importantly, you’ll know what you can do to regain control of your life.
How to End Modern ‘Toxic Menopause’ Symptoms and Take Control of Your Life Again is about natural solutions that can help you…
• Lose stubborn extra pounds… and end uncontrolled weight gain

• Regain your vitality and optimism… transforming frayed nerves and, fuzzy thinking into your normal peaceful and focused frame of mind

• Fall asleep gently… without anxious thoughts, so you wake up feeling refreshed

• End the hot flashes and sudden swings between feeling “normal” and dead-to-the-world

• Enjoy intimacy with your partner again… so you can deepen your relationship
Your free copy is ready for instant download… right now.
And it’s yours when you join me and other forward-thinking women in my newsletter, Anti-Aging Confidential for Women.
With Anti-Aging Confidential for Women,
I bring you the latest healing therapies…
As well as forgotten ancient remedies
For more than 20 years, I’ve been on a mission to accomplish two things:
• First, to understand why we age and what we can do to live longer, healthier lives.

• And second, to understand why people in some of the world’s most remote communities never get sick. Or if they do… why they are being cured of diseases we think are “incurable.”
To do this, I have studied both cutting-edge medical research… and ancient, herbal remedies.
I’ve traveled to modern medical centers… and to villages in the deepest jungles of Africa.
I’ve discovered groundbreaking DNA therapies that slow aging. I’ve encountered places where 55-year-old women look 35… where healers cure breast cancer… and where heart disease or Alzheimer’s are virtually unknown.
I’ve brought these therapies and remedies — the modern and the ancient — back to the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine. Here, my patients use them to transform their lives.
Now, I want you to have this information, too.
There’s no place on earth too remote for me to visit in search of natural cures.
With Anti-Aging Confidential for Women, you’ll have full access to the latest, life-changing breakthroughs like…
New ways to overcome heart disease tailored for women –
Heart disease is now the #1 killer of women. Yet most doctors still treat women like men when it comes to heart health. Truth is, women have completely different risk factors for heart disease, and cholesterol isn’t one of them! So, cholesterol-lowering drugs provide no benefits — only dangerous side effects. In Anti-Aging Confidential for Womenyou’ll get real solutions to keep your heart healthy — from natural supplements and diet… to exercise that doesn’t involve hours of boring cardio.
Effective ways to lose weight and keep it off –
There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to lose weight that just won’t budge. Yet the so-called solutions many diet and fitness ‘gurus’ promote can actually cause you to store more fat. One solution is to balance your hormones, which I’ve talked about in this letter. But there are revolutionary breakthroughs in both diet and exercise that can help you even more. You can lose weight and keep it off — without starving yourself or spending hours in a gym. I will outline the latest techniques in Anti-Aging Confidential for Women.
Little-known methods to end chronic disease that’s “in your genes” –
You may believe that chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer are genetic because they run in your family. But your genes are NOT your destiny. Incredibly, you can choose how your genes are expressed. In Anti-Aging Confidential for Women, you’ll get the latest information on this growing field of medicine.
New anti-aging technologies that restore youthful energy and more –
It never ceases to amaze me… but modern medicine continues to ignore the most significant breakthrough in medical history. Not only have we discovered the cause of aging, but we’ve also found ways to slow and even reverse it. You can actually reprogram your DNA to grow more youthful cells. In a sense, you “grow younger” as you age. Yet, most doctors completely ignore this information.
In Anti-Aging Confidential for Women we’ll cover every aspect of this life-changing topic and its enormous potential to…
Reverse brain shrinkage and deterioration… which reduces memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease…

Rejuvenate aging hearts, improve circulation and bring high blood pressure down to normal levels…

Fight all forms of cancer and reverse diabetes…

Strengthen your bones and stop osteoporosis in its tracks…

Eliminate migraines, severe headaches and even depression…

Improve skin tone and elasticity, reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and age spots…

Stop hair loss – and even restore your natural hair color…

End joint pain, improve flexibility and so much more.
I realize this may seem “too good to be true”. However, research proves everything I just mentioned is within reach. I’m using the latest therapies to help my patients right now.
But what’s really exciting… you can trigger your own “DNA regrowth” with easy steps that you can do every day, no matter where you are

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