Monday, October 24, 2016

MIRACLE REMEDY FOR LIVER, INTESTINS etc. rinichii, intestinele, dezinfecteaza caile urinare si este ideal pentru plamani

Miraculous natural remedy that cleans kidneys, intestines, disinfects urinary tract and is ideal for lungs"

Egyptian priests used this  mix  simply in order to revitalize the body and to take away a multitude of  diseases . To prepare the cure you need four  lemons  large, well baked, with  skin  thin and three cloves of garlic . Lemons will be good squeeze in a glass bowl or a jar. Peel and pulp left after them through a meat grinder and place in another bowl. Garlic peel and cloves are crushed as the  sauce .

Get 4 lemons Juice, peel them, and crumble the pulp,  put it in an enamel pot with garlic sauce of garlic. Once well blended, pour in two liters of water pot boiled and cooled. The pot is fastened with a piece of gauze folded in two and keep in the refrigerator for three days. After 72 hours, the content slips through four layers of cheesecloth and put in two bottles of one liter airtight. This 100% natural medicine will be held only in refrigerator.

It Is administered for five days, every four times per day each 50 ml 30 minutes before a meal. Then pause for ten days, then repeat procedure. The cure lasts five months, then pause for two months.

The cure is to prevent colds, and cleansing UT.. Not necessarily have to be sick to use this potion. Anyone of us can take, whether it is healthy or sick. 

This is a universal remedy for curing almost all diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract hepatobiliary. Also, preparation cleans kidneys, disinfects urinary tract, cure angina, restores the heart after myocardial infarction, postoperative scars rebsorbtia hurry. The cure clean intestine, including vitamin and removes constipation is ideal for tuberculosis.

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