Friday, October 28, 2016

Great Russian psychotherapist - 20 lessons that will make your life easier. To remember | AM Press

Great Russian psychotherapist - 20 lessons that will make your life easier. To remember | AM Press:

These 20 tips will help solve many life situations: 
1. If a person has nothing good to say about himself, but wants to talk, he begins to talk evil of others.
2. Stone fruit better teaching than forthcoming neck, if you still want to bite something.
3. Depression is a gift given to man to think of yourself.
4. No one leaves anyone simply one goes further. The one who remains behind, believes is left.
5. If you feel good about yourself, why you need someone else to think better of you.
6. Do what you want without permission, for you do not know if you will agree.
7. Ability to love and endure loneliness is an indicator of spiritual maturity. The best things we do in solitude.
8. Immature person often knows but is unable. The sweep not only knows, but maybe.Therefore, the critical immature and the mature forms.
9. I do not know the path to success. But I know the way to failure - the desire to please everyone.
10. There is no logic male or female, no ability or inability to think straight.
11. Want to know your biggest enemy of yours? Look in the mirror. Give him his face - the rest will scatter.
12. Achieve success - will go sorrows.
13. Talking with friends is nice and enemies is useful.
14. There's only one good reason to destroy relationships and to resign from work - unable personal growth in existing circumstances.
15. Share your joy with friends and enemies. The friend will enjoy and will upset the enemy.
16. Do not run after happiness, but found the place where he was. And happiness will find you. Can I say where is your happiness - you. And the road to it - the maximum development of all your abilities.
17. Happiness - a product of organized properly.
18. If you want to prove to someone something - means living for the sake of that person. If you live for yourself, then you have to prove anything to anyone ii.
19. Dreams - voice our possibilities. I do not dream of singing opera. I have no voice, no hearing music. But if I had dreamed, therefore, as a result of my skills and I try hard to get to work. Only I should think the way that I realize this dream. Is important not to rush, because when it happens pretty quickly. It is good when a person says this about it: "Just concentrate on that, trying to see my dreams come true."
20. Better communicate with a good book, than a wilderness man. 


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