Friday, October 07, 2016

First Impressions Can Change Your Life: First Impressions Count!

My friend Paul really really wanted to go to law school.  His dad was a lawyer and he was going to grow up to be like his pops.
So like all would-be lawyers, he filled out his applications, stuffed the envelopes in the mail, and set off to tour his dream schools.
Now Paul's always been the kind of guy that would chat up just about anyone.
So when he found himself on a tour for one of the nation's top law schools, he struck up conversation with the tour guide, who decided to show him the admissions office…
Then the office admins…
And suddenly he'd talked his way into a one-on-one meeting with the Dean of Admissions…
20 minutes later and amidst the topic of whiffle ball the Dean decided to grab Paul's file and take a look:
"Hmmmm…I remember your application. Looks like you were right in the middle of the pack. We have you on wait list...let's take care of that right now."
He went into the computer. Hammered out a few keystrokes, and boom, my friend was accepted.
With a $20,000/year scholarship to boot!
That's $60,000 over 3 years, earned in 20 minutes of conversation.  At a school that may not have even accepted him.
THAT is the power of a first impression.
Doesn't matter whether you're going into a meeting that's huge for your career or just out at a party.
If you don't make a good first impression, you aren't going to have the chance for anything else.
And these crucial first impressions happen fast!
For a high-powered, fast-paced person like Richard Branson it takes less than a minute: "I tend to make up my mind about people within thirty seconds of meeting them".
Now maybe R.B. is a bit quick on the trigger, but the truth is, people are too busy to give every single person they meet a ton of time.
So how about we consistently nail those first minutes to make sure we aren't disqualifying ourselves from amazing connections and opportunities!?

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