Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ecuador: Correa proposed referendum against tax havens | The Big Story

Ecuador: Correa proposed referendum against tax havens | The Big Story: "E

Ecuador: Correa proposed referendum against tax havens: GREAT INITIATIVE

By Associated Press  Oct. 24, 2016 9:06 PM EDT
QUITO, Ecuador (AP) - President Rafael Correa began on Monday the procedures for a referendum intended to prevent the authorities elected and public officials have money or assets in tax havens.
The president went to the Constitutional Court to support personally the reasons for his request to the judges, who must decide on the constitutionality of a referendum. If approved, the public would be consulted with the general elections of February 2017.
He explained that seeks "to combat tax havens and avoid daily plus taxes evading in our country, affecting the basic needs of our society."
The question presented by Correa to the Constitutional Court says: "Are You agree that to play a dignity elected or to be established as a public servant or capital goods ban be of any nature in tax havens ?,
RAFAEL Correa, identified with socialism of the 21st century, came to power in January 2007 and after a change of constitution and successive re-elections has remained in power for almost 10 years. The mandate should end in May next year.
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