Monday, October 24, 2016



Earn by importing blogs into FanBox
Exciting news!
You can now earn on FanBox by importing blogs (yours or other people's blogs) from Blogger, WordPress and TypePad!
It's quick and you don't even need to take down your (or their) original blog on the other sites.
In fact, leave them up and see which site earns you more money ;)
Now, of course you can import your own blogs -- and earn...
However, follow these easy steps to earn using OTHER PEOPLE'S BLOGS:
1) Find any of the millions of bloggers on Blogger, TypePad or Wordpress, and let them know that they could easily be earning on FanBox
2) Create a FanBox account for them (or show them how) and then import their blogs into FanBox. (See instructions below. It's quick and easy.)
3) Visit your profile (from their account) and set yourself as their "Teacher" - so you earn when they do (at no cost to them).
(Learn how to use the new Teacher product)
4) Build Ads for their posts (from your account), so they get visitors and earnings (and so do you -- both as an Advertiser promoting their blogs, as well as their Teacher). (Learn how to earn by Advertising other people's posts)
You can certainly fund those Ads if you want to, but thanks to the new Investor product, you don't need to! (Learn about the new Investor product)
That's it! Thanks to the Ads you created, they can get clicks, visitors and earnings.
And as they earn, so do you!
To maximize your earnings, go back to step 1 and start again with a new blogger. :)

So, where's the import button?

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