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EMPOWR RUES FOR LISTING: Community Announcements

Community Announcements:


Understanding the reason why your listings may be rejected
The marketplace guidelines are available for you to review at any time.  The following reasons are why most listings are often rejected:

  • E-content that is not listed as Premium Blog (including photos, recipes, blogs, wallpapers)
  • Food and beverages (you must have the food and beverage information listed, including the expiration date)
  • Dietary supplements and medicinal items
  • Affiliate marketing links and information
  • Animal and wildlife products
  • Used or opened cosmetics
  • Adult content
  • Counterfeit currency or stamps
  • Software  
  • Delivery or Shipping Cost is greater than the price of product or service;
  • Product description: Moderators review this section to make sure that the item is properly described. 

    • What service are you selling? How is the product used? Is there anything that the buyer should know prior to deciding they want to purchase the item? What is the size of the item? What is its condition?
    • If you are leaving one-word descriptions, or have a complicated item with no description, you are not properly describing the listing.
    • Leave any shipping details for the item in the “Shipping Details” section

    Shipping information: 

    • You should always include information in the “Shipping Details” section. These shipping details should include:
    • Your shipping method (examples include USPS, Or DHL, Or FedEx). This is absolutely required.
    • Some other suggestions and tips for creating your “Shipping Details” include:
    • The shipping duration (how long will shipping take?)
    • You should not list a different shipping cost here than what your item has listed as its shipping cost.  
    • You should not add that the buyer needs to pay additional shipping costs after they purchase your item (again, you should establish your shipping costs when you list your item, not AFTER the sale has occurred)
    • If you have chosen to ship to a certain country when you created your listing, any shipping details should match up. (i.e don’t say you ship worldwide, and then in your shipping details say you only ship to Germany).
    • For international shipping, it is helpful for the buyer to know that there may be an import charges. Add this to the shipping details.

    Pricing your listing:

    • Always be sure that your item, and it’s shipping cost, are reasonable.  
    • Do you need help calculating appropriate shipping costs in US dollars? Use google shipping calculator for help.
    • Items that are unreasonably priced or with unreasonable shipping costs (shipping cost listed as $100 for a keychain? Not reasonable!) 

    I hope this post has been helpful. By following the above guidelines, your listings have a much higher likelihood of being approved so yiu can hit your Daily Goals– which is what all of us want you to achieve in the end.
    Thank you everyone for your constant feedback, as it helps us improve the marketplace as quickly as possible.
    And remember, if 9 or 10 out of your most recent 10 listings were approved, your next listing will be published instantly.

    Do you have more questions? Just ask us! We’re here to help.
    President, empowr
    6 new ways to accelerate your cash outs 
    Hi everyone,
    As you know, everyone’s earnings must mature for 90 days before the profits are available to be fully cashed out or spent without any restrictions.
    In this post (and ones to follow) I’d like to discuss six (6) new ways to accelerate the maturity of your profits, so they can be spent or cashed out more quickly.
    Before we do that, as always, let’s use the opportunity to ensure our very newest citizens are caught up.

    MATURITY:  How do you benefit, and how does the empowr community benefit, from maturity?
    The purpose of maturity is to give everyone’s earnings a chance to be spent in the empowr economy before being removed from empowr. Watch quick video about maturation?
    As a result of maturity, when you have something to sell, you’ll almost always find many times more customers in empowr…
    … and, you’ll get a much higher price for your items or services…
    … than if you had listed them to sell outside of empowr…
    … which motivates everyone to sell their items in empowr.

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