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WHITE MULLBERRY POWDER TEA Cures Cirrhosis with ascites just consuming this tea!

Secrets: It cured of cirrhosis with ascites just consuming this tea!:

Acesta i-a sugerat sa consume zilnic, pe stomacul gol, un litru de ceai din radacina de agud alb si sa mearga la un vraci sa se "taie sub limba".

Zis si facut!

A inceput sa faca propriul tratament cu acest ceai si......surpriza! Dupa ceva timp de consum, burta a ajuns la dimensiuni normale, lichidul eliminindu-se pe cale naturala.

Ceaiul din radacina de agud alb se prepara astfel: la 1 litru de apa se adauga o lingurita de radacina de agud alb maruntita. Se lasa pe foc pana cand da in clocot. Se acopera pentru a face infuzie si se consuma caldut sau rece pe stomacul gol dimineata. Ideea este ca trebuie facut in fiecare zi un ceai nou. Nu se consuma de pe o zi pe alta.

Radacina de agud alb (dud) este extrem de importanta in ascita, ajutand la eliminarea lichidului respectiv prin urina. Din cauza acestei radacini, cat timp va lua ceaiul, pacientul va urina foarte des, iar la inceputul tratamentului urina va fi de culoare rosie - simptome normale, care arata ca procesul de vindecare a inceput.

Tratamentul se urmeaza pana cand burta revine la dimensiuni normale, apoi se face pauza 2 saptamani dupa care se reia pana la vindecarea completa.

Revenind la domnul in cauza, va putem spune si-a revenit complet, are 86 de kilograme in prezent si merge zilnic la serviciu, este sanatos si plin de viata!

Un singur amanunt am omis sa vi-l spun: In anul 2013, dupa ce s-a refacut complet, a mers la un vraci si a urmat faimoasa procedura a "taierii sub limba", procedura prin intermediul careia organismul se curata de toxine.
IN ENGLISH: He began making their treatment with this tea ...... surprise! After some time of consumption reached sized belly, eliminating the liquid naturally.

White mulberry root tea is prepared as follows: 1 liter of water add one teaspoon of crushed white mulberry root. Cook until it starts to boil. Cover to make infusion and drink it warm or cold on an empty stomach in the morning. The point is to do every day a new tea. Do not eat from day to day.

White mulberry root (mulberry) is extremely important in ascites, fluid that helps to eliminate the urine. Because of this root, how long will it take tea, it will urinate often and early treatment will be red urine - normal symptoms, showing that the healing process has begun.

Treatment is followed until the belly returns to normal size, then two weeks after that pause resumes to complete healing.

Turning to Mr concerned, we can say has fully recovered, has 86 kilos now and go to work every day, it is healthy and full of life!

One detail I forgot to tell you it: In 2013, after his full recovery went to a famous healer and followed the procedure of "cutting under the tongue" procedure through which the body clean of toxins.

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