Friday, September 09, 2016

When Starting My Own Book. Struggling with Memoir - video - Author Learning Center

Struggling with Memoir - video - Author Learning Center:

Getting Started on Your Memoir presented by LifeRich Publishing, in partnership with the Author Learning Center

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Join best-selling author, Dr. Roberta Temes, as she shares her writing tips and exercises, and guides authors through the critical initial steps of crafting a memoir. This interactive webinar provides authors with a downloadable workbook, allowing them to begin or refine their memoir in real time.

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Every book project is unique. To succeed you’ll benefit from a personal circle of trusted advisors, reminders of key milestones, and valuable supporting information. In short, you need a Book Development Tool. And we’ve got one!
Click "start a book" and tell us a little about your project. What’s the genre? What project phase are you in – writing, publishing, or marketing?
Once you’ve defined the project, invite people into your Author’s Circle for the book by clicking the "add author"button. You can add up to seven people to be your friends and advisors. Then start sharing your status updates with the group (or keep them private and create a project journal for yourself). As you progress... share more with your author community. What’s the page count or editor’s name? Have a mock up of the cover image? Upload it as part of your book project profile.
And don’t forget to check out the Book Launch Tasks, which organizes content according to common tasks performed during the process of writing, publishing, and marketing your book.
  • As you complete a task, like creating the outline for your book, you can move the status bar "progress" to reflect your progress. We’ll automatically post an update to your community feed and share the good news!
  • Not sure how to get started on a certain task? Place your mouse over the question mark "help" and we’ll suggest some great content to support you in your efforts.
  • Don’t outline? No problem. You can skip it or any other task that isn’t part of your process by clicking on the "delete" icon to delete the task.
  • Did you come up with a great idea while watching a video on plot development or building tension? Click on the notepad icon "note" and leave yourself a reminder.
The Book Development Tool is a great resource for every author. Start a Book to take advantage of these great tools designed to support you on your path to success!
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