Saturday, September 17, 2016

The 4 Dimensional Education, Mental health, Memory, And History Daily is out! Edition of 17 September 2016 - - Gmail

The education, 4 dimensional education, mental health, memory, history Daily is out! Edition of 17 September 2016 - - Gmail:

The education, 4 dimensional education, mental health, memory, history Daily

Four Dimensional Education Equips You With All Skills
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    This is Why You Need Education-Based Marketing

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    How IoT in Education is Changing the Way We Learn

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    Kannan - The Internet of Things, the connection of devices (other than standard products such as computers and smartphones) to the Internet, is in the process of transforming numerous areas of our everyday ...

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    A global type of Education comprises life skills also, not only test taking skills. Also Memory exercises, and a new curriculum. History is NOT Supposed To Repeat Itself, if students learn and understand the good things humanity has created, and how to defeat malvolent dictators, and trumpism around the world, as well as corporatism! Decentralized administrative powers can help regions of the world develop. See more info on how to do these;
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