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    9 Feminist Values I Managed To Wring Out Of ‘Street Sharks’

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    Brett Harvey - Okay, I’ll be up front and admit Street Sharks wasn’t exactly the vanguard of the women’s rights movement. That said, here’s what I managed to scrape together to show that Street Sharks was a femin...

    Santa's slay!  Russia is to slaughter 250,000 reindeer by Christmas

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    King Oku - A region in Russia is to slaughter a quarter of a million reindeer by Christmas because it has 'too many animals'. The current population of 730,000 is 'unsustainable' and risks new outbreaks of de...

    A Doctor’s Assessment of Whether Donald Trump’s Health Is ‘Excellent’ - WASHINGTON — In releasing a far more sober account of Donald J. Trump’s health on Thursday, his physician provided details to support his view that the Republican nominee for president is overweigh...

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    Martin Luther King Jr. stabbed during a book signing in 1958 - (Originally published by the Daily News on Sept. 21, 1958. This story was written by Robert Walsh and Henry Lee.) The Rev. Martin Luther King, leading [African-American] apostle of nonviolence in t...
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    Could It Be Sepsis? C.D.C. Wants More People to Ask

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    ebands - The baby seemed fine when Dr. Thomas R. Frieden left for work that July morning in New York more than 20 years ago. But when he returned home several hours later, his son was pale and blazing hot, ...
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    Why Your Granola Is Really a Dessert

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    Mille - In 1863, Dr. James Caleb Jackson, a staunch nutrition advocate, created the world’s first recipe for what would become granola. The dish (he called it granula) consisted of dense, unsweetened bran ...

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