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Medical Tourism: How To Reaffirm loose skin without undergoing surgery? | Balanced body

How Reaffirm loose skin without undergoing surgery? | Balanced bodyCúcara Mácara

The presentation most talked about in this 2016 was to the dermatologist surgeon Alan Cortés (who works for the Dermatological Medical Center in Miami, Florida and within the prestigious laboratories Real Skin Labs), which left shocked his colleagues and the press with news of his amazing breakthrough against aging.
The dermatologist surgeon unveiled what is officially the first treatment in the world that can be applied at home to reduce sagging skin. In clinical trials, it has been found that this unusual technique effectively lifts skin "hanging" is around the arms, neck, jaw, chest and other areas.
According to their research, loose skin significantly adds more years to a person's appearance, even more than wrinkles, fine lines or pigment changes in the skin. Therefore, they have focused on finding the solution to that particular problem.
And when doctors showed how fast and effective treatment in volunteers from the audience, it became clear that his discovery is little more than revolutionary.
Previously, the only way to alleviate the appearance of sagging skin was through highly invasive procedures, ie surgical. But now Alan Cortés has made the fight against the effects of gravity, using a simple process, fast acting, which so patients can self-administer.
No more to say, the presentation was received with applause, leaving the audience with several questions.
But the story does not end there, shortly after the conference, Dr. Alan released a video in which we can see the results of product effectiveness. 
Best of all is that, since last week, the video version of the presentation (made personally by Dr. Cortés and which exposed to professionals in the cosmetics industry) is made ​​available to all the public via the Internet .
The video is becoming a "boom" in the network by the number of views and comments generated, and then you too can see and learn about their work.

Watch the video of this important discovery:

Watch the video
In fact, this video contains some startling revelations. An onlooker said: "This is just amazing I have never seen an approach to aging as this What we just witnessed is well above and beyond my expectations..".
However, Dr. Alan advances have also caused some controversy.
When we went with other cosmetic surgeons for their views, many claimed that, as with any treatment newly released, people should be advised to see the full report of the video, before trying an unconventional solution of this kind.
"Will for everyone? That remains to be seen," said Fernanda Padilla, an esthetician who had attended the presentation of that year. "But the results can be spectacular? Based on what I observed first hand, yes, of course!".

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