Monday, September 26, 2016

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A. Why Am I feeling this way? Retrain the police officer., implicit bias, and Mental Health;

Police wants more assistance.

Hi Olga Andrei,

You have received a message from your Success Coach.

Subject: Immediate action required

Hi Olga, Good dau. I'm glad to hear that. I'd like to explain whole sponsoring to you to have a better understanding: First, you buy something with sponsoring available; - If it is fixed price, you will see "place your order" and you buy it that moment. - If it is an auction, and you place a bid and if you be the higher bidder and your bid meet the reserve price, you will win it. Here is a screenshot to find out the difference between items that are on auction or those ones are fixed price. Click here: Then you choose to sponsor (reselling), you can click on sponsoring that in the receiving mail: Or simply go to your “I've bought” page and by click on action, choose sponsoring it: the next page change the details as you want, fixed price or an auction, the starting price and reserve price (for auctions) and more: ---------------------------------------------------- If you need a head start, here is a helpful screenshot for you: And always keep an eye on the money that is available for you to use on sponsoring, you can check that by click on your balance in top of any page and click on sponsor: Are those clear enough to help you to earn from sponsoring and work on the other ways as well? If you have any questions, let me know as well! Thanks, Mohi

— Mohi P
Inbox (1,809) - - Gmail:

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