Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Healthy Energetic VIBE; How to Recognize Energy Draining People Fast! - YouTube

AVOID energy vampires, choose good environments! PUT UP SHIELDS! Boundaries!

VAMPIRES: 1. ARE CONTROL FREACKS, they try to manuveur you!

Rambutan fruit;

2. Am I under ur jurisdiction, James W.? Express urself! ASSERTIVNESS, CONFIDENCE which allows me

#9. he does not accept me as I am!

you don't have a point!just change urself, be louder, quite...not honoring you, wanna modify you, nobody has T for that!

#10. They love to GOSSIP!

which has nothing to do with me! I talk about BECAMOING MY GREATEST VERSION? IT's a DISTRACTIOns, the boobie TRAPS!

ENHANCERS MOVE ME INTO MY LIFE PURPOSE, helps me GROW, right information, right guidance! 

Be around people who enhance my life's purpose!

How to Recognize Energy Draining People Fast! - YouTube:


mountain water.

3.if mucus no longer serves us, coaghing; EAT QUINOA, and BUCKwheat,

3. no table salt. HEALTHY Celtic Seasalt, HAEAIAN BLACK LAVA SALT heal our body!

EAT: DATES: maple syrup; No more fries!

Get your TNF in Bananas, anticancer, plus anti depression. Triptofan.; the DATES-to get rid of mucus!

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