Thursday, September 22, 2016

FSB. Putin's MANAGED democracy; undermines democracy and the Rule of :LAW;Inbox (1,832) - - Gmail

Inbox (1,832) - - Gmail:

Tread carefully around putin. Special brand of democracy in Ukraine, i saw a stone cold killer.

Facing Putin;#FacingnatGeo, GLEB PAVLOVSKy was putin's something.YELTSIN annointed Yeltsin's immunity to be prosecuted. So he was Yeltsin's PM. brough putin to power! in the late 70s. Or i can have a life  by MASHA.

explosion in VOLGADONSK, announcement preceded the explosion by 3 days.

!Putin's ruthlessness, Russian intell was behind this bombing.

Alex Litvineneko killed by radioactive poison.

FSB is Russian killed Litvinenko approved by PATRUCHEv (head of FSB) with polonium.

JOHN SIMPSON narrated.

Bill Browder, prepd to punch u in the face,

96 97. mikhail oligarks become putin s business. has a manikhein view.

Dr Robert Gates. Oligarks have remined very rich, P has kept his word to them.

by serghey magnitszky LAWYER. in isolation cells.

TTHE MAGNITSZKY ACT,  the Russian kleptocracy that his action.


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