Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dream YOGA, Exploring Lucid Dreaming, Be AWARE, in YOUR Dreams, LEADS TO LUCID LIVING!

Exploring Lucid Dreaming: with ANDREW HOLECEK - the Eye of lucidity.

In This Masterclass, You Will Discover…

  • The Secrets of Lucid Dreaming and how you can upgrade key areas of your life through the hours you spend sleeping. (Considering the fact that Americans currently average 6.8 hours of sleep at night according to a Gallup study… which is 2,482 hours a year… or roughly 21 years for a person living up to the age of 75… you can imagine the opportunity for growth and expansion that awaits anyone who’s willing to utilize at least a fraction of those missed hours.)
  • Andrew Holecek’s #1 most popular Lucid Dreaming technique (which is a combination of two techniques) that studies prove can increase your chances of experiencing a Lucid Dream by 2000% or more.
  • Why Lucid Dreaming is the best tool for accelerating your spiritual growth and how it can help you get to the forefront of the current revolution of spiritual awakening.
  • Fascinating ways in which you can use Lucid Dreaming to enhance your life — and4 ways in which professional athletes use it to upgrade their physical skills in waking life.
  • How Lucid Dreaming can be 1000 times more impactful than Creative Visualization in helping you overcome obstacles, attract synchronicities and awaken your creative genius.
  • Meditation and Lucid Dreaming, the hidden link that makes meditators better Lucid Dreamers and why a small shift in your awareness during your waking state can open up a whole new world that you can explore at night.
  • And so much more…

The STAGES OF SLEEP; While Waiting, Tell Us, Why Do You Want To Learn Lucid Dreaming

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