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CIMATICA by Hans Jenny : Illusions And Reality From: Iluzie Si Realitate Documentar De Exceptie subtitrare romana | Autovindecareblog

Iluzie Si Realitate Documentar De Exceptie subtitrare romana | Autovindecareblog:

Illusion and Reality Documentary exceptional Romanian subtitles

A very interesting documentary about illusion and reality of matter and consciousness about DNA and emotions.

Either use!

'via Blog this' Any thought or word influence positively or negatively the person that we think Aug 20 5 Votes 115_words_of_LIFE_by_januscastrence "The word is the most powerful force in the universe at man's disposal, which can rise or destroy it without leaving a trace. The word is the power by which we create or destroy. Word is the gift that comes directly from God. In the Gospel of John in the Bible says about the creation of the universe: "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God." So only the word God created all things visible and invisible. If God created the world in his own image means that man has acquired the power to create like God. His sons, we have access to everything the Father, have everything and we are free to serve our father and everything he serves. To achieve this ideal need a boundless faith. We have the power to create and this power is so great that everything we can turn to us in reality. We create ourselves and become what we think we are. For you believe, all things are possible to him who believes (Mark 9:23). permanently we create work that we truly. We can be, do and have everything we imagined. When we know what we want, the universe gives us spontaneously what we need to achieve this goal. What we call universal force is a divine power that the Father gives children its to use it . We are the image of God in physical form and have an entire creative power. Creation is based on the word, and the word is the expression of thought. God created the universe using the creative power of thought and also gave man a chance to use it in connection creative . Unfortunately the man did not understand this truth and fell into helplessness complete. If the power of thought is creative, then surely it is one with which man can permanently cure any disease. With the power of thought man can create healthy cells in the body or wrecking those affected. Thought is the one that attracts evil or good in our existence. We conclude that the thought (the word) is the one who created and creates the matter . Word is the power we have to express and communicate, to think and to create events in our lives. The word is the most powerful tool that man has. The word is the manifestation of our being spiritual, the divine spark in inside. 10170683_10201531425407191_8932452684490258353_nOur word can create the most beautiful dream and reality, but it can and destroy everything that exists around us. Therefore, the misuse of the word creates hell on earth. Any creative power used wrong, wrong, can become destructive power. Our word is pure magic and using it wrong can become black magic. Cuvat spoken or written is so powerful that a simple word can change a life or destroy the lives of millions of people. a negative can be a curse word, and people often use the word as magicians, cursing one another is unconscious. We call on others often curse the opinions they express. For example, if you meet a friend and I say you have a pale face which is found only in people with cancer. If he will listen to these words and will agree they will get sick of cancer. This is the power of the word. People who have high levels of spirituality are very resistant to curses, mental waves of others and magicians . Most often we use the word to spread poison our emotions, to express our anger, jealousy, envy or hatred. Word is the most precious and powerful gift that has humanity, but we use and against us. Of all the weapons of destruction that man has invented the most terrible and powerful is the wrong word can destroy without leaving traces. We constantly attack by words and we kill each other systematically, often without realizing this. This practice has become the worst of all forms of magic and has been called gossip. Gossip, though it seems so harmless, alter and shorten our lives, physically and spiritually destroy us because we always ruining soul and body. Land-Home-BullseyeGossip is an act of black magic and is very bad because it is pure poison. We've learned how to gossip gossip accepting of others, believing that this is a normal way of communication. Gossiping has become a common form of communication in human society. Gossip and thoughts out they generate is a frequent trauma applied human rights to which people think. Most times we create a poison emotional own by using words like are fat , getting older, my hair falls are stupid, I never will be perfect, I will not succeed ... etc. Thus, we materialize these words in our reality or rather against us. Therefore, it is important to understand what word and what power he has. The whole world can gossip about us, but if we do not put the soul, not give credence, we become immune to gossip. If someone sends us the way intentionally emotion poisoned, but we do not take personally, it will not affect us. When man does not accept the emotion poisoned it turns on who sent it and it directly affects. the thought and word set in motion vibrations propagates checks increasingly larger, so that embraces the entire universe, after which they return to us as surely as when we delivered. Thought is pure energy that never dies. Let us beware mind the bad thoughts about others and to assume full responsibility on the feelings, thoughts and our words. Scientists have concluded that the spirit (thinking) influences really our body from a distance, there is a communication system unconscious between individuals, it is possible to influence anyone at any time, without the user being aware or being conscious as anyone we can influence us without our knowledge. Man should realize that any positive idea passing through his mind is a direct and perfect expression of God through him. Word is creative because the universe and our words have power only to the extent that the spirit himself is seen as a force that operates behind them . We are the ones who decide. We both power and those who express that power and decide what he will carry that word. Man is the creator of words, they choose places them in the form in which they must operate and to exercise power. Word is a seed, the words power of the spirit acts as the seed actioneazanatura. Work forces of nature make the seed germinate because the seed has no power in itself, is just a vehicle of that strength. To think with God's thoughts, this would be the essence of spiritual power. The moment you utter a negative word wasting pure energy and perfect God, so it is good as always to think, feel, speak and act positively and constructively. The words are power and energy created by thought. The day man will understand that has the power to change lives through words created by thinking, reach maturity. The word repeated a million times becomes an object, said yogis. It means that man can be cured and i can change the destiny of using the word. we use the word God and we often repeat often. Well-known fact that as a man uses more than the word, the more will enjoy the benefits. It is enough to say the word God once knowing its significance, such as our body rhythm to amplify vibrations from the level above. Because of this word Bible has great longevity. Think how many times the word God is written there, and so pronounced. Every word spoken or written in this book has a large influence. It is therefore very beneficial habit to keep the Bible at the end of the bed before falling asleep to read a few pages. Thoughts and words are some Energy Transmission which according to their cargo, i.e .their frequency is low or high, do us harm or makes us feel better. The same is true for written words. It is therefore good that the head of your bed in which you sleep in not TO keep books that relate to misery, violent crimes or sexual horrors publications. These bombardments information contained in books are taken in wakefulness or sleep, affecting TO a very large extent the human body. After a while we feel bad, tired, have nightmares, depressive moods, violent and bizarre behavior. Love is the word that comes very close to the word of God that the influence of vibration and know the thousands of healings that have been achieved through its use. Any known disease giving way power or the power of love that we issue. We can influence the subtle those who are around us, through positive or negative energy we emit. the tho
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