Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Apple Watch App For Seizures May Soon Predict Their Onset | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

The Apple Watch App For Seizures May Soon Predict Their Onset | Fast Company | Business + Innovation:


TribeLearn is about connecting people in the same career together through a peer to peer learning platform, so you can learn from people doing the same thing as you all around the world.
Many of the top jobs in the world today barely existed 10 years ago. And education has not caught up. Tribe Learn is a solution to allow people in unique, new fields (think professional blogging, life coaching, PPC advertising) to create powerful learning opportunities.
Getting good at any job is about more than just data. It’s about best practices, correct attitudes, productivity hacks, and being able to be on the pulse of new innovations in your field. Peer to peer learning is the best way to access this knowledge — because bright minds in these fields connect to help each other grow.


Peer to peer learning has powerful advantages over self study or learning from courses. Because the power of the group ensures more than just learning. In emerging industries, things change so fast, any course or book you buy gets obsolete within a few years. But our peer to peer groups stay current and fresh because these groups consist of the people who are defining their industry.
Furthermore – every group is hosted by a best selling author, authority or thought leader in the field.
TribeLearn is launching peer-to-peer groups in thousandsof fields.
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