Monday, September 10, 2012

Social Game Proposal

The 7th Annual Global Trade Expo comprising of an Investment Seminar, Business Expo and Venture Funding Exhibition being held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California, USA, which is to be held on the 8th of September, 2012. This historic event is only months after US president Barack Obama issued a statement proclaiming that building a strategic partnership with Asia is a top priority, and that Asia is a strategic ally of US in the 21st Century. In this spirit we extend this effort to promote opportunity, peace and prosperity to the rest of the world as well. The US Asia Business Forum (USABF) and the ‘US Global Business Forum’ (USGBF), is a platform established by the leaders of the vast American populace with the objective of promoting trade, commerce, investments, and joint ventures between the various continents with the focus on US and the entire globe. USABF & USGBF strives to bring together business leaders, diplomats, governments, trade organizations, and development organizations onto one platform by organizing trade and investment exhibitions in various locations across the globe. By initiating multilateral visits to various countries and facilitating new investments, ventures, and trade, the expansive resources of the world are brought together seamlessly, through the US Global Business Forum. The USABF & USGBF is committed to social and community development, especially in the areas of education, healthcare, empowering social, and child development through the networks of local NGO’s and international foundations. The US, with a GDP of more than $14 trillion (roughly 30% of the worlds GDP) is the economic and business power house of the world maintaining a higher per capita output and income than any other country. The US attracts the best talent in the world by propagating freedom, democracy, competition and cooperation through offering avenues in global research and development, International trade, and venture funding. Refreshments, cocktails, and hors d'oeuvres will be served. A special Honorary four-course dinner with former President Bill Clinton and many other world leaders is scheduled following the event at 9pm, where a discussion will be held about the future of the global economy. Additionally, we will be discussing the pace of global economic growth as well as breakthrough solutions for achieving global prosperity for all. For a limited time, these exclusive tickets may be purchased until VIP seats run out. We look forward to having you there while we advance Global Peace Through Global Trade. FOR FULL EVENT DETAILS AND LIST OF SPEAKERS, SPONSORS, AFFILIATES AND ATTENDEES, YOU MAY EMAIL: From and partners Everyone knows that there is immense financial opportunity on the internet. But do you know where that opportunity is? How many of you have made money on internet stocks... like Google, or Mac, or Amazon? How much did you make, 100k? a million? two million? That is not a bad return, but how would you like the opportunity to make 100’s of millions or billions very year? That’s a little more interesting isn’t it? I have a company that is set up to do just that. We design and develop mobile apps, and games; and we have found a gold mine in the emergence of gaming within the Facebook platform. We are following in the steps of companies like Zynga, and Electronics Arts who are already grossing over 1 billion a year ; companies who have seen the trend, and made the jumped into this exciting new frontier. As you can see from my bio, I have been a software developer for 15 years, my peers are the innovators of companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook . I am the CTO of a software consulting firm based in Las Vegas, and I partner with two development and design companies in Argentina, where I am originally from. I have watched the trends on the internet, and have ridden those trends with a great deal of success. A few years ago, I was involved in the huge online auction trend, and was about to launch a very unique penny auction software when I was literally stopped in my tracks by what I knew would be the next mega internet trend... Facebook. When I mention Facebook, 98% of people immediately think about Facebook friends, pages, walls, and social media; but I want to open yours eyes to a phenomenon called Social Gaming, and the 3 billion dollar industry that has evolved from it. Today everything is about Facebook, and the metrics within Facebook or any internet site for that matter is measured in the number of monthly users it has. The more visitors it has, the more opportunity it has to make money; just like any traditional business. With 160 m monthly users in US and 800 worldwide; Facebook is the new frontier and a proverbial gold mine. That’s why companies like EA, known for making games, quickly switched their focus to making games within the very fertile Facebook environment; which increased their earning astronomically. I am sure you have all gotten requests from your facebook friends to play games like Mafia Wars, and Farmville...they are free to play of course, but did you know that people spend REAL dollars within these games on things like virtual guns for a virtual mob hit, or virtual feed for their virtual cow? It’s hard to believe right? It sounds pretty ridiculous; and yet Zynga is laughing all the to the bank to the tune of 1,6 billion dollars per year. I’m not a trend setter, I am a trend follower and I am very vested in this extremely profitable one. We launched a game for Facebook just a few months ago called Racetown which in it’s infancy has over 800k monthly users and nets over $40,000.00 per month. We also have slot and casino games that skin (or re-design the graphic for you laymen) and license to casinos, celebrities, virtually any brand. But can you imagine what users would do if: - you could combine the adrenaline rush of gambling ( like with these casino games) -with the competitive fun of online auctions (like Ebay, or now the very popular penny auction call - put it into Facebook so you could invite your friends to play with you - and then instead of racking up virtual winnings, had the top of the line, most popular retail items shipped to your door when you won??? Welcome to Ibid ville! The very first “Interactive Auction” game. It is the first game within facebook where the player wins actual prizes. It utilizes 4 patent pending systems to make the game viral, engaging, and very profitable, and addictive :-). Yes it is exciting to work in an industry that moves so fast. Right now all the games within Facebook make more than 3 billion dollars a year. And even though, Mark Zukenberg wised up at the beginning of the year and started taking 30 percent of this gaming revenue by implementing the Facebook credit system; I can guarantee that you will never be able to make as much money from purchasing stocks in Facebook, than investing in a company making games for Facebook! Not to mention all of the perks that you get if you happen to be a foreigner, when you invest in a company in America. Social Media Gaming is the current billion dollar trend... are you going to play in the game or sit on the sidelines and watch? I am Martin Vincent, creator of Ibidville, we are playing in a big game and right now we are open to the right partner who is ready to play with us. Sponsor me. thank you.
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