Monday, March 20, 2006

High On Sugar? Get Over It! In an Co-Dependent Relationship? Get out of It. Self-esteem first

More and more women think when cheated that it is their fault; there is something wrong with them.

Let's have an honest discussion on how to boost your self-esteem No matter what caused discontinuity in validation your self-esteem, you can always bounce back.

Most women loose their self-esteem after gaining weight, Others after a divorce.

Many after being cheated on or breaking up with a cheater.
How do women rationalize being cheated. How do we get over it?

We are dealing with trying to distance ourselves from co-dependency with another person, or just any other type of addiction. The way we start analyzing our relationship with the myriad of addictions out there, and making it ours by choice can make a big  difference. 
We all need a support group and the consciousness of a group to avoid falling and making in the same mistake again and again.

Especially when it is about living our own lives in good health. I figured out a solution, and I  am forever greatfull to my How It Works group in Westwood.


Dr Olga Lazin

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